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Small gifts can help every individual write a story about his or her own self-worth, and your donation today can make that happen. Someone who feels self-worth enjoys a sense of being good enough, worthy of love and belonging from others.

Being good enough. A sense of belonging. Worthy of Love.

The fact that putting a smile on someone’s face can shape a future is a powerful thought. A diaper, tampon or bottle of shampoo are powerful enough to change someone’s day ...

... to stop a baby from getting a rash after sitting in a diaper too long.

... to ensure a girl can go to school and not miss out on education.

... to take a shower and feel clean and presentable when heading into the world.

Alongside our partners, we are responding to growing community needs. Our partners include other nonprofits, schools and faith-based organizations. As needs increase in our community, we’ve started to provide other uplifting basic items to families, schools, and faith-based organizations and groups. This has included toys in partnership with Good360 and Toys4Tots. Here’s some words from one mother who received toys in this program:

“Our money has been tight, it was so nice to see my kids smile,” Kim said. “I am thankful that people donate and care about us.”

If choosing to make a donation on behalf of a partner organization, please specify which organization when making your donation. We will contact them to let them know they have a credit on their account for the Hope Hub thanks to you.